Evelyn was born to make a difference to the world of art within the crypto space and beyond. Far from being a ‘meme’ token, Evelyn will have a legitimate use case. The Evelyn platform will allow artists to post their work for the community to view, in the form of an online gallery. Art enthusiasts will be able to browse through various artist’s work, with the potential to reach out to them for purchase. Aspiring artists will find inspiration in some of the work they come across within the Evelyn platform, making Evelyn the go to place for inspiring creativity. The place where all art enthusiasts across the globe can come together to promote, communicate and evolve into a community where all may thrive.

Why Evelyn Is Revolutionary?

Since the beginning of modern society as we know it, art has developed a stigma as being only accessible by the rich.

Evelyn aims to break this stigma as people around the world will have access to art and artists from anywhere, at anytime, with fewer barriers to entry. Evelyn’s platform and community will allow art fans to become more involved in the industry than ever before, giving art lovers unprecedented access to the artists and artwork they adore!

The Evelyn platform will become the online Louvre for NFTs, only more accessible to everyone! The Evelyn team will host a variety of contests for the community, including token giveaways, special NFT contests and more!



20% WALLET | DEV 80% Liquidity on PANCAKESWAP | No transactions tax

——————— TOKENOMICS ———————

Total supply : 1,000,000,000,000

Public sale: 80%
The amount of Tokens released for public members for making Evelyn possible.

Development: 20%
The amount of tokens wich will be used to platform. For example, the development of our Evelyn platform. For example, the development of our Android & IOs apps, upkeep of our platform etc.

Evelyn token has 6% Tax on transactions

2% Liquidity PancakeSwap Р2% Dev Р2% Marketing 

Evelyn plan

Our plan is to develop a decentralized platform for artists, art enthusiasts and art institutions to connect the global art industry like never before.

The platform will be separate from our Evelyn token website.

It will be developed as an app for both iOS and Android. An NFT social platform with the potential to incorporate all aspects of the art industry as we grow and evolve.


Q4 2021

Launch of Evelyn website

Release of our whitepaper

Pancake Listing

Contract audit

Partnership with artist

Staff Recruitment

Marketplace Launch

Q1 2022

Building up of token ecosystem

Partnership with Art Galleries

Increase number of artists

Listing on CEX Tier 4

 Social Network Developing

Q2 2022

Opening of marketplace to all users

Doxxing of Team

Listing on CEX Tier 3

Partnership with Influencers

App Developing

Developing of Dynamic Tokenomics


Q3/Q4 2022

Beta Release for $EVE Holders

Listing CEX Tier 2/Tier 1

Evelyn Physical Event

Mistery Box NFT

Release of Social Network

Release of Staking Platform

Creation of Android & iOS apps

Contract audit

Develop our Evelyn marketplace for NFTs


You can buy Evelyn on PancakeSwap by putting in our contract address and swapping it for BNB.


An NFT social platform which will soon incorporate an NFT marketplace as we evolve.

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